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Transforming Material Handling with MasterMover Tugs

Are you seeking a solution to revolutionise your material handling processes? MasterMover Tugs provide the ideal answer, offering a comprehensive approach to streamline operations and enhance workplace efficiency.

Precision Control for Effortless Manoeuvrability

MasterMover Tugs provide unparalleled manoeuvrability, effortlessly moving heavy loads with accuracy. Prioritising safety minimises manual handling, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents.

Adaptable across industries, MasterMover Tugs are suitable for manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, and airports. Their cost-efficiency optimises workflow, boosting productivity and saving costs.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

MasterMover offers custom solutions with various models and options. Tailor your tug to handle specific loads or navigate tight spaces effortlessly.

In various sectors, these tugs find applications, including Manufacturing (for moving heavy parts and equipment), Warehousing (for efficient transport of pallets and goods), Healthcare (safe handling of medical equipment and supplies), and Airports (streamlining baggage handling processes).

Key Features of MasterMover Tugs include being Battery-powered for cordless operation, Intelligent Control Systems for advanced manoeuvring, and a Durable Build for longevity and reliability.

Key Products:

SmartMover LM100 Battery Powered Electric Tug:

SmartMover effortlessly manages 2,000kg loads for safety and efficiency. With robust coupling, safety features, and a hydraulic clamp for slope control, it has an interchangeable battery, real-time power display, and a smart charging system. With two high-powered motors and 180° steering, it excels in diverse indoor and outdoor applications.

MasterTow TOW200 Battery Powered Electric Tow Tug:

MasterTow's electric tow tug, adept with loads up to 20,000kg, provides precise traction. Intuitive controls, safety features, and an effective coupling system ensure operator control and load security. Electric Steer allows instant steering, while options like Remote Control and Autonomous (AGV) enhance visibility, safety, and efficiency. Essential safety features prioritize security. Power options, including interchangeable batteries and lithium availability, coupled with optimised weight distribution, make it a versatile, secure towing solution.

MasterTow TOW300 Battery Powered Electric Tow Tug:

MasterTow's electric tow tug, designed for loads up to 20,000kg, ensures traction with intuitive controls, safety features, and a reliable coupling system. It offers complete operator control and security, featuring Electric Steer, Remote Control, and Autonomous (AGV) options for visibility, safety, and efficiency. Safety attributes, including an audible horn, flashing light beacon, and emergency stop, along with power options like battery protection and lithium availability, ensure reliability. Optimised weight distribution guarantees slope traction and powerful performance even at low speeds. The range provides versatile solutions with easy coupling, lockable couplings, and various options for diverse applications.

Elevate Your Material Handling Processes

Ready to elevate your material handling processes? Discover the transformative power of MasterMover Tugs, where innovation meets efficiency. Contact us today to explore how these cutting-edge solutions can revolutionise your workplace!