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At Briggs Store, we are a provider of Ladders for all your requirements. We understand that in commercial settings, ladders play a crucial role in ensuring productivity, efficiency, and safety.

That's why we offer a diverse range of ladders specifically designed for your requirements. Whether you need a ladder for a warehouse, construction site, or any other commercial environment, you'll find the perfect options here.

Our Range of Ladders

Slimline Steel Step Stool:

The Slimline Steel Step Stool is an excellent choice for commercial spaces where accessibility and durability are key. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transport, making it a versatile ladder for various tasks. With its sturdy steel construction, this step stool can withstand the rigors of frequent use and provide a stable platform for workers.

Slimline Aluminium Step Stool:

When it comes to lightweight yet robust ladders, the Slimline Aluminium Step Stool is a popular choice in commercial settings. Made from high-quality aluminium, it offers superior strength while remaining easy to handle and manoeuvre. This ladder is perfect for warehouses, retail stores, and offices where quick and safe access to elevated areas is necessary.

Light Duty Platform Step Ladder:

The Light Duty Platform Step Ladder is designed for those tasks that require a bit more height and stability. Featuring a wide platform and sturdy construction, it offers a secure base for tasks such as painting, cleaning, or light maintenance work. This ladder provides you with the confidence and comfort you need to get the job done efficiently.

TASKMASTER Aluminium Professional Single Extension Ladder:

For more demanding jobs that require extended reach, the TASKMASTER Aluminium Professional Single Extension Ladder is the go-to option. This ladder is engineered with durability and safety in mind, making it suitable for professional tradespeople and heavy-duty tasks. With its lightweight yet robust design, it offers the versatility and strength needed to tackle a wide range of projects.

Fibreglass Swingback Step Ladder:

Discover unparalleled durability and reliability with our range of Fibreglass Swingback Step Ladders. Designed to handle the toughest tasks, these ladders offer a safe and sturdy solution for both professionals and homeowners. Whether it's for indoor projects or outdoor chores, trust in the quality of our fibreglass ladders for unmatched performance.

Extension Ladders:

Whether you need a Single, Double, or Triple ladder configuration, our range of TASKMASTER ladders are engineered for versatility and safety. Whether you're navigating single-story jobs, managing double-height tasks, or conquering triple-level challenges, our diverse ladder options ensure safety and stability at every step. Trust in the reliability and sturdiness of our Extension Ladders for all your elevated needs.

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Browse through our extensive range of ladders and explore the many other options available at Briggs Store. Whether you need a compact step stool, a versatile platform ladder, or an extension ladder for more demanding tasks, we have you covered. Shop with confidence and elevate your productivity with our top-quality ladders.